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Doug West & Kosoma Publishing Investigate Ripoff Report Scam

Ripoff Reports Repair Scam

Have You Been A Victim Of Ripoff Report's Repair Scam?

Doug West of Moyers, Oklahoma has been helping businesses online since 1997. Home businesses as well as brick and mortar.

With our over 20 years online with Kosoma Publishing we've had good and bad experiences. The problem is that any person - even your competitors - can get online and say anything about you. You have web sites like Ripoff Report that will post anything negative on you or anybody!

Perhaps you have been a vicitim of Ripoff Report's "Reputation Repair" Scam?

FoxNews Bill O'Reilly Says Ripoff Report is Extortion:

Ripoff's Cheesy Owner Ed:
Ripoff Reports Big ED

The really sad news is that previously de-indexed Ripoff Reports are now showing back up on Google! Read The Article Here

We have had that experience with our own business. Turns out it was a guy that took an online trading class we were offering and then decided he wanted to sell his own trading training (which was a violation of the contract he signed with us). His marketing plan was to defame us and then steal our students and affiliates. A few of our students did go with him, but most of them came back and told us the guy was crazy. He was in business for a few months, but has now faded out of sight.

You can read the whole creepy story via link below, and even hear the guy praising us. He crawled out from under a rock and left the same way. Yet, Ripoff Report was Glad to post whatever the guy had to say. Of course, they will remove the item and "Repair" our reputation for just a few grand! I think we may need to do a joint law suit on this bum who is an obvious criminal!

Read The Article Here

Google Search Showing "Repair" Websites:
Ripoff Reports Repair Scam

Out of over 2,000 students we have trained how to trade, a couple seedy characters can come along and use a tool like Ripoff Report to defame us. It is really frustrating! One guy who uses the name of "Bruce" could not even be found in our database. The only Bruce we had was a man in California, and we called him. He was happy with what he learned and told us he never filed anything on the RR site. These "Reports" are all MANY years old now.

Here is a video of a guy who was a victim of Ripoff Report & his in-court testimony:

The problem is that those negative things with Ripoff Report stay online forever! For some reason Google really likes negative reports and they keep them high in the search ranks. Ripoff Report has caused a whole industry of companies who sell services to get your Ripoff Report negative articles taken down! Ripoff Report now sells it's own service to take down your negative reports. Many are calling it a scam of it's own - a criminal extortion scam by it's owner Ed Magedson. He needs to do a Ripoff Report on himself!

If you have had trouble with Ripoff Report and the crook owner Ed Magedson - don't fall for his criminal extortion where he wants to charge you Thousands of dollars to remove his often false information!

You are not the only one to fall victim to this seedy operation. Folks are all over the net talking about this Ripoff Report scamster!

Read cosumer complaints here on the scam known as Ripoff Report: Read Here

If you want to read more about the seedy guy and others that are fighting back see the links below.

Here you will see an investigation on Mr. Ed: Read Here

Here is a group of folks fighting back: Read The Article Here

Nice Video from a Repair biz that now helps with online Reps:

Most of our experience online has been good. It just takes one shady operator to ruin an otherwise good thing!