Customer & Reader Comments

Hi Doug:

Just wanted to let you know that I've had a tremendous response to this run and want to thank you.  It was well worth waiting for!

I'd like to do another run


I have 2 order levels.  One at $139.00 and the other at $297.00 (plus shipping).  I sold the $139.00 package to a UK customer.  I had a blast of people requesting my free report ...I'm sure most of this group came from your ezine because it came so quick after you ran my Ad. 
Last time I sent a Solo Ad with your ezine I did very well. I sold at least 9 or 10 customers. At least 3 of those ordered the larger package.

Your ezine does very well for me. I actually plan on running a new Ad with you every 4 months. I figure that's enough time to maintain a good response.


Just wanted to thank you - have had an AWESOME response - I will DEFINITELY be using you again (in fact, am about to go and order another solo mailing!) and will recommend you to my colleagues! 
Hope you have a great cruise! 
Selina Humnycki 


I still can't get over the results we got from your ezine. Typically we close about 3% of our visitors into a $170 monthly purchase.

Your list produced roughly:

110 Free Tours
7 Sign-ups
That's 6.4%

What it also did was create a wave of momentum which sparked sign-ups from people previous to your mailing. We still have 3 more weeks of follow-up so the numbers may increase.

I will definitely run my ad with you again in 30 days. If you know of any other good ezines, please let me know. 

Jonathan Leighton

Incidentally I again got very good results from my last mailing with you.  It was weird though cause I got HALF of the response to the AD itself yet I got DOUBLE the CR on my site from those visitors!

Anyway, I'm probably gonna order another ad in the next few days or so and if I again get the results that I have been getting, I'm going to include your list as a recommended "advertising resource" in my book.

I must say that I'm very impressed with the way you respond to concerns etc. ... keep up the good work! 

Colin Moses

INSTANT $1800 in MONTHLY Sales

Kosoma's ezine is by far the best publication I've ever advertised in. This is my second ad and the results are always unbelievable. Within 36 hours of the ad hitting we had 7 people personally enroll with $150 monthly product purchases. After a week the end result was a total dollar amount equal to $1800 per month. The response rates are high because he has RESPONSIVE readers. These are some of the highest quality people I've ever worked with. You'd be foolish to not run an Solo ad with Kosoma.

Eric G.

Hi Doug, 

I'm one of your happy Opportunity Investigator Online subscribers. Although I've just recently subscribed, I have been reading back issues that a friend forwarded to me. I really appreciate your great links! I particularly liked your August 26th issue. I look forward to more! 

Terry Johnston 
Caelo Software Inc.


I think your sight is a super way of making people aware of good opportunities and I now visit regularly in order to find a business that will retain my interest and give me an income also.

David Fordham. 

P.S. I live in Bangkok. 

Subject:  PUBLICITY 

Thank You for such detailed information on the proper procedures on getting important articles published, I never realized what all it entailed! I most definitely will keep you and your information in mind.


Hi Doug, 

Have a been a follower of your OIO newsletter for almost a year now and really enjoy it.  Just downloaded your Top 10 Book....



The leads we get from OIO "seem to be quality people, who seem to be interested in home business." 

J. Peterson 


I always look forward to getting my copy of OIO! 

John P. 


The article is great!! I know you have seen that we have already pulled a couple of leads from it this morning.  I am excited and eager to see the results keep coming in. 

Thanks again for all of your help. 

Jared Peterson 

Hi Doug, 

I just wanted to pass on that I really enjoy your newsletter. I believe it is one of  the best on the net. Your statements are backed by tested fact.  Other publications just like to bash other companies with invalidated rumors (some may be true) because it isn't the company they are really involved in.  Where's the truth there. 


I am a recent subscriber to your OIO newsletter and am very grateful!

Myrl Johnson


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Opportunity Investigator Online for the last year....

Your advice in your e-zine is priceless, and I very much respect you even though I really don't know you.

J. P.


I really like your newsletter and your style of writing you tell it the way it is and don't hold anything back and no tip toeing around!  I like that. 

Ruth Townsend, Lifestyles Publishing

Hello Doug, 

It has been a pleasure reading your archives.  I just subscribed & am anxiously awaiting my first zine.  One never has to wonder what you're thinking, you get straight to the meat of the act. 

Thomas J Brown